Durga Puja - A celebration of life and culture that gives our city, Kolkata its unique identity.


Durga Puja - Although known as the festival of Bengal, it is the grandest and most spectacular festival of India and revered by every Indian irrespective of their caste or creed. And there is much much more to this amazing festival than what meets the eye...

16 Tools every DIY-er should own


DIY projects are fun, extremely satisfying and save a lot of money. One of the keys to do so is to have a well-stocked toolbox at the ready. As your DIY skills improve, your projects require better tools, which mean that you cannot think of a well-organized toolbox without them. Here is a list of 16 must have tools all DIY enthusiasts should have in their toolbox. Watch out for number 16, the most important one in our list whose absence makes all the others irrelevant ;-)

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